The Adroit Journal, “Jesus Bug” (Issue 27); “Charismata,” “Diagram of the Body Held in Worship, & “Invasive Species” (Issue 37, Gregory Djanikian Scholar Portfolio)

The Arkansas International, “Interpreter” & “Mosquito(nominated for Best of the Net)

Bayou Magazine, “Poem to My Son as Interstellar Explorer” (print)

Beloit Poetry Journal, Anointed” & “Mud” (print)

The Blueshift Journal, “Don’t quench the spirit,

DIALOGIST, “Poem to My Son as T-Rex(nominated for the Pushcart Prize)

Dirty Paws Poetry Review, “The Congregation Sings ‘How Great Thou Art’

Duende, “An Unnamed Stage of Grief

Foundry, “Skinner’s Analysis of Verbal Behavior: Listener Discriminations

Frontier Poetry, “New Moon Ceremony(included in Best New Poets 2022)

Glass: A Journal of Poetry, “The Language of Birds(nominated for Best New Poets)

Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review, “Hell” (print)

The Journal, “Love Poem in Which My Mother Does Not Appear

The Lonely Crowd, “In Whom We Live & Move & Have Our Being” & “Asked to Be a Sperm Donor, I List the Pros & Cons” (print)

Muzzle Magazine, “Shed

Nashville Review, “Ishmael in the Wilderness

Ninth Letter, “Church Camp(nominated for Best New Poets)

Noble / Gas Qtrly, “Decalogue

No Tokens, “The Hypnotist Loses Concentration” (print)

[PANK], “Charismata” (print)

Parentheses Journal,& Delilah(nominated for Best New Poets)

Radar Poetry, “Smokewood Apiary

RHINO, “Something in the Air” (print)

Ruminate, “The Two-Body Problem” (print)

Sepia, “I Wanted to Live No Matter What

Sixth Finch, “Spare

Shenandoah, “Poem to My Son as Darth Vader” (nominated for the Pushcart Prize), “Invasive Species,” & “Dead Languages

Storyscape, “1994

Tinderbox Poetry Journal,Upon Being Asked if I Have Baby Fever,” “Speaking in Tongues,” “Ars Poetica,” & “How to Make a Gunbox Hymnal

Zone 3, “Communion” (print)


The Boiler, “Augury

Cream City Review, “The Book of Revelation” (print)


EcoTheo Review, “‘Bring the Knife & Bring the Choir’: On C.T. Salazar’s American Cavewall Sonnets

Newfound, “Upending the Myth: On torrin a. greathouse’s Wound from the Mouth of a Wound

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