Ruminate, “The Two-Body Problem”


Shenandoah, “Invasive Species,” “Poem to My Son as Darth Vader,” & “Dead Languages


Beloit Poetry Journal, Anointed” & “Mud” (print)

The Adroit Journal, “Jesus Bug

Foundry, “Skinner’s Analysis of Verbal Behavior: Listener Discriminations

Cream City Review, “The Book of Revelation” (print)

The Lonely Crowd, “In Whom We Live & Move & Have Our Being” & “Asked to Be a Sperm Donor, I List the Pros & Cons” (print)

Parentheses Journal,& Delilah(nominated for Best New Poets)


Tinderbox Poetry Journal,Upon Being Asked if I Have Baby Fever,” “Speaking in Tongues,” “Ars Poetica,” & “How to Make a Gunbox Hymnal

Radar Poetry, “Smokewood Apiary

Dirty Paws Poetry Review, “The Congregation Sings ‘How Great Thou Art’

The Boiler, “Augury

Duende, “An Unnamed Stage of Grief

RHINO, “Something in the Air” (print)

No Tokens, “The Hypnotist Loses Concentration” (print)


The Journal, “Love Poem in Which My Mother Does Not Appear

The Blueshift Journal, “Don’t quench the spirit,

DIALOGIST, “Poem to My Son as T-Rex(nominated for the Pushcart Prize)

Nashville Review, “Ishmael in the Wilderness

Ninth Letter, “Church Camp(nominated for Best New Poets)

Glass: A Journal of Poetry, “The Language of Birds(nominated for Best New Poets)

Noble / Gas Qtrly, “Decalogue

Storyscape, “1994

Zone 3, “Communion” (print)


[PANK], “Charismata” (also in print)